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13 Hottest Gift Ideas for Sports Fans


Christmas might seem like a long way off but it seems to come around quicker every year. This year, be prepared with some of the best ideas for sports fans. Although, if you can’t wait for Christmas and want to treat yourself, here are some of the best options out there.


Vintage games are making a comeback as everyone starts to crave a time before technology. The good old-fashioned ring toss was a firm family favorite that you can enjoy once again. The Hookey Ring Toss is a great one to put in the yard and enjoy with the kids. It could help you work on your aim too.


Do you like a game that’s unique? Spike Ball is a mixture of foursquare and volleyball, so you will definitely get your heart rate up as you are playing. Don’t worry if you have never heard of it and have no idea how to play, as the sets come with a rule book and there are plenty of videos on YouTube to explain how it works.


There is no denying that drones are incredibly popular, but nobody wants a huge piece of equipment if it is just being used for fun. A mini drone has all the fun of the big drones without needing clearance from the Air Force to fly around. Some even come with a protective bubble to help keep it safe from crashes.


Getting to the stadium for a nice game can be tiring. And it can be even more troublesome when trying to get parked close. This may be lazy, but it is worth it because e-scooters are changing how we get about. Off Road Electric Scooters 2021 are the newest way to get around and are making game days even easier.


Earbuds might come as standard with your phone, but for real comfort, you want on-ear headphones. Not only can you get wireless options but there are noise-canceling options too. These are great if you want to watch the game and not annoy everyone else in the house.


If you are out and about, but still want to enjoy listening to the game, treat yourself to a wireless speaker. Not only do these speakers work great with your phone, but many are also waterproof too. So, you can stream the game through your phone and enjoy a better sound from your mini speaker.


Powerful LEDs are the name of the game here, and these light-up balls are a great idea for playing at night. Not only are they fun to use, but the batteries are also replaceable, and it shuts off itself when it is not in use. So, prepare yourself for some nighttime basketball or football.


With over 1,000 questions, you can put your sports knowledge to the test with the ESPN Trivia board game. You can even answer questions about mascots and logos. If you think you are a hardcore sports fan, then this should be on your Christmas list. 


So, you think you have quick reflexes? You can work on your timing with a reaction game. Depending on how hardcore you want to go, you can choose sets that will give you a shock, literally! You may think twice about your reflexes after a few electric shocks for being too slow.


If you miss getting together with your friends, bring your friends to you for a game of backyard laser tag. The newest sets are powerful enough to have hours of fun with a range of up to 130 meters on some sets.


Like it or loathe it, skateboarding has just been made part of the Olympics, so that makes it an official sport now. You can try your hand at flip kicks and ollies with your own skateboard. Just remember to ask Santa for some protective gear too.


Whatever your favorite team is, it can be hard to buy all of the new season gear. This is a great chance to include the items you would like on your Christmas list. This is great for people who like a few different sports as you can invest in the home jersey yourself and add the away jerseys to your Christmas list.


This clothing brand has been making a name for itself over the last few years, and sports fans are discovering why. The lightweight jackets are cozy and the perfect item to wear to the game. No need for a chunky jacket in the stadium when you have an Under Armour jacket or fleece.

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