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2021 Olympic women’s basketball tournament: How to watch online


The Olympic women’s basketball tournament is picking up speed, entering its third day of competition on July 29. We get you up to speed and provide you with all of the live stream and broadcast info you need. 

With the completion of the women’s 3×3 competition coming to a close and Team USA women taking home the first-ever gold medal in the event, our palates are ready for full-on organized Olympic women’s basketball. Personally, I think this will be one of the best women’s tournaments we’ll see in the past few Olympic Cycles.

So far, the games have been relatively close, save for a few blowouts, but it’s been entertaining and competitive. This could partially be attributed to how to spread out the talent is between European Leagues and the WNBA respectfully, providing opportunities for an even playing field.

This makes for an entertaining tournament, but how can you tune into the Olympic women’s basketball tournament?

Broadcast and live stream info for the Olympic women’s basketball tournament

Date: July 26-August 8
Time: Varies
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream: NBC Olympics, Peacock, FuboTV

If you need to get up to speed, luckily the Olympic women’s basketball tournament has a rest day on July 28 so you can watch the highlights and box scores to get in-depth knowledge on what’s been going on so far. But even if you’re not up to speed, the preliminary rounds are only a few days in, giving you plenty of time to gather context on what’s up and coming.

If you need additional information about the full schedule for the Olympic women’s tournament, NBC Olympics has you covered.

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