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3 teams that should trade for Jimmy Garoppolo right now


Several NFL teams should be calling the 49ers immediately about a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo.

The San Francisco 49ers made a blockbuster trade Friday afternoon with the Miami Dolphins. The team now owns the No. 3 overall pick and that all but means they are targeting a quarterback.

Jimmy Garoppolo is under contract through 2022 and stands out as a great option for several quarterback-needy teams.

Teams that should trade for Garoppolo

The first team that comes to mind is the New England Patriots. Cam Newton may have just signed, but Bill Belichick can get Tom Brady’s former replacement back and under contract for more than one season.

The main hiccup here would be whether Belichick really is committed to Newton in 2021.

The other two teams are far more obvious. The Denver Broncos and Washington Football team would get a huge boost from Garoppolo.

Denver appears to be ready to move on from Drew Lock and Washington just signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to lead the show in 2021. Is there any question as to why they would want Garoppolo.

Any team that wants a quarterback is going to make the money work and Garoppolo is set to earn roughly $50 million over the next two seasons. This draft-day trade shows the 49ers want to move on, but it shouldn’t mean Garoppolo is damaged goods.

The 49ers are just seizing an opportunity to land a top quarterback, like Justin Fields, and get someone who fits Kyle Shanhan’s system better. This could end up being a blessing for teams who wanted to target Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. Garoppolo shows up with plenty of experience and is still only 29 years old.

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