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Aaron Rodgers reportedly told players to stay away from Packers


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly told free agents who were considering coming to Green Bay that he wasn’t planning to stick around.

It seems like every hour, someone drops something new and juicy onto the pile of tidbits coming out of Aaron Rodger’s feud with the Packers.

On Wednesday, Mike Garafolo added fuel to the fire on NFL Now.

“What I’m told from multiple sources is that Aaron Rodgers was telling the Packers’ prospective free agents basically ‘before you make any decision, I’m probably not going to be here’,” Garafolo said.

He added that Rodgers started talking like that all the way back at the beginning of last season.

Did Aaron Rodgers wrong the Packers?

You can look at this two ways, depending on how generous you’re willing to be towards Rodgers.

Packers fans might view this as a huge slight by the quarterback. If he was warning players off of signing with the Packers, then he was harming the franchise. The word sabotage could get thrown around.

On the other hand, Rodgers could argue he was simply being fair to fellow professionals. If guys were considering the Packers because they wanted to buy into a team led by Rodgers, then the quarterback was in the right to be upfront with them about his plans. Letting players make a huge decision about their future without the complete picture would have been another type of betrayal.

This one is a Rorschach test. It all really depends on what those conversations really looked like. That’s the information we don’t have.

At the very least, Green Bay was able to re-sign key free agents like Aaron Jones, Kevin King, Marcedes Lewis and others.

The question is, how many guys left or signed elsewhere who might have otherwise ended up with the Packers?

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