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Activities 5 NBA Players Enjoy in Their Spare Time


Staying entertained is something we all love to do and NBA players are no different who also need cool activities to fill their spare time. This is certainly true in the NBA and many top players will go for standard activities like watching TV, playing video games, or reading. The five players listed below, though, like to switch it up and try more unusual things – but what amazing activities do they get up to when chilling out? 

Seth Curry – playing casino games 

In many ways, it is no surprise to see a top NBA star like Seth Curry playing casino games in his spare time. This is an activity that more and more people across the planet are enjoying, especially since the rise of iGaming. Trying out the best online casino games has really taken off globally and enabled the whole gambling industry to move with the times. 

Although it is not hard to imagine Brooklyn Nets guard Curry logging on to the best internet casinos to game at, he is perhaps better known for enjoying classic games like blackjack at real-life casinos. Steph Curry’s younger sibling, after all, is on record as saying he finds gambling a fun way to pass the time. Due to this, he is regularly seen in casinos around Vegas and LA. While it might be his brother who made it into 2022’s top sporting moments, Seth has made headlines for how he likes to fill his spare time. 


Robin Lopez – collecting comic books 

Cleveland Cavaliers center Lopez might be known for his awesome on-court skills and crazy hair – but he is also known for being an avid comic book collector. When not playing or training, Lopez is known to spend a lot of his spare time reading comic books and hunting down rare copies to buy. This has seen him amass a collection of comics that runs into the thousands. As well as connecting with many iconic comic book writers, it is thought that Lopez also has plans to create his own. 


Chris Paul – bowling 

Phoenix Suns PG Chris Paul is one of the top NBA players and even has his own ‘CP3’ nickname due to his activities on the court! He is also someone who fills his spare time with an awesome hobby – bowling. It is known that Paul has a real passion for this hobby and goes bowling whenever he gets the chance. Interestingly, CP3 claims that this pastime is about more than mere fun. He believes it actually helps his game and has enabled him to build better focus, aim, and control over time. A regular sight at bowling alleys in Phoenix and LA, he also takes part in charity bowling events when he can. 


Damian Lillard – making music 

Point guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers might be better known to music fans as Dame D.O.L.L.A. This is because off-court, Lillard likes to record rap music under this moniker. To date, he has released four albums and nine singles. It is fair to say that Lillard has enjoyed a good level of success with his musical ventures.

His first album, launched in 2016 (The Letter O), made the Billboard Top 200, while his next two albums made the indie charts. With his last album released in 2021 (Different on Levels the Lord Allows) also being warmly received, it seems he has a rap career ready to follow when his NBA days are done. 


Kevin Durant – getting tattoos 

Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets is one of the superstars of modern basketball and an elite-level talent. He is also someone who has a unique hobby to fill his spare time with – getting tattoos! Although you might not always see them, as Durant is careful where they are placed on his body, he has quite a few now.

They include images of Tupac and Rick James on his legs – plus ‘Maryland’ inked across his back. In addition, it is also reported that he has text from the Bible on his back, and a Washington Nationals logo tattoo. When he isn’t planning his latest design, Durant is also a keen photographer and is known to enjoy taking cool snaps when away from the court. 


Awesome hobbies of 5 top NBA players 

Although they might be famous faces and earn mega-money, these top NBA stars are like normal people in many ways. This is certainly true when it comes to needing fun things to do away from their job, and cool hobbies to fill their spare time with. While finding out the latest news and stats around sports is always fun, it can be just as interesting sometimes to delve into more personal stories about players in leagues like the NBA. 

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