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Chris Colbert repeatedly drops Jaime Arboleda for round 11 TKO (video)


Super featherweight Chris Colbert fought for the second and final time of 2020 against Jaime Arboleda. Colbert scored a sensational stoppage in round 11.

Undefeated super featherweight boxer Chris Colbert successfully defended his interim WBA title against Jaime Arboleda in spectacular fashion via an 11th round TKO stoppage. It was quite a performance for Colbert, who headlined his first main event.

Colbert (15-0, 6 KOs) lived up to his nickname of “Primetime” in a showcase boxing event on Showtime on Saturday, Dec. 12. Arboleda was a game opponent, but he couldn’t stand up to Colbert’s devastating power-punches in the later stages of the fight.

The 24-year-old Colbert is known mostly as a boxer, but he turned into a KO puncher overnight against Arboleda. Before their fight, Colbert only had a 35 percent KO rating compared to Arboleda’s 76 percent. Colbert turned the tables on Arboleda.

Things weren’t all smooth sailing for Colbert. Arboleda pushed Colbert, and they fought at close quarters for much of the fight. At one point in round 8, one of Colbert’s punches strayed low, and Arboleda had to take a knee. It cost Colbert a point, but he made it back the next round.

Chris Colbert isn’t a KO puncher by trade, but he looked like one against Jaime Arboleda

In round 9, Colbert unleashed a vicious left hook with his back on the ropes that hurt Arboleda. The next left hook forced Arboleda to take a knee. He got up and finished the round.

Arboleda kept going at Colbert headed into round 11, but he got caught and went down for the second time of the fight. Arboleda got to his feet but returned to the canvas after taking a Colbert hook.

Arboleda got up again, but his legs were shot, and he couldn’t defend himself. Colbert jumped all over Arboleda and delivered a flurry of punches before the referee finally stopped the fight.

While talking to FanSided after the fight, Colbert insisted that he’s not a knockout puncher, but he wanted to make a statement against Arboleda. He did just that as he won on the big Showtime stage.



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