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Devin Booker is on Pace to Become the Greatest Suns Player Ever




Who’s the greatest Suns player of all-time? Most would agree it’s currently 2x NBA MVP Steve Nash with Charles Barkley getting an honorable mention for his MVP and four All-Star seasons in the desert. While it’s too early to tell if Devin Booker ever reaches the MVP heights those Hall of Famers did, he’s already the greatest scorer in Suns history.

Saturday marked the 48th time Booker racked up 35+ points in a game, which is already 15 more than any Suns player in franchise history. The Kentucky hooper is only 24 years old and still has plenty of years to develop his skills and elevate himself amongst the NBA’s elite. Current NBA top-10 player conversations don’t include Booker but he has to take it one step at a time. He was awarded an All-Star bid for the first time in his career last year and is now the leader of a winning team for the first time as a pro this year.

Not many people expect Phoenix to do much damage in the 2021 postseason due to their lack of continuity and playoff experience but Booker has that x-factor trait to him that could help him thrive in that kind of environment if he can manage to find ways to get open and overcome the increased physicality that comes with playoff basketball. 

Considering Booker is already the greatest scorer in Suns history, is over halfway there to all-time franchise records just six years in, and continues to get better every year, it seems inevitable the 6’5 Shooting Guard from Michigan will one day be considered the Suns GOAT. 

He still has PLENTY to accomplish to make that a reality but one run to the NBA Finals or one season where he puts up 30+ PPG (like he’s done over various stretches in his career) could be enough to win MVP and increase his case further. There’s an argument Devin Booker is already on the Suns’ Mount Rushmore even if he got traded tomorrow, and with a winning squad finally now that he has high-quality teammates in Phoenix like Chris PaulDeAndre Ayton, and Mikal Bridges, he should be around for a long time. 

Booker’s biggest reference in culture was when Drake shouted him out on “Sicko Mode,” saying he’s “Wet like I’m Book.” Like Drake also exclaimed in one of his other songs, he’s top-5, top-5, top-5 before clarifying that he’s not top-5, he’s actually top-2, and not 2. That appears to be a similar representation of Booker’s rise among the all-time ranks in Suns franchise history. The best is yet to come in Arizona and Booker has lots to live up to.


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