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DIFC’s Gate Avenue and INSPIRE host breast health education and Pink Classes


As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dubai International Financial Centre’s (DIFC), Gate Avenue and wellness studio, INSPIRE are

joining forces to host breast health education and curated yoga classes to empower women to take control of their health by educating them about their body and steps to take to help reduce breast cancer risk.

The event will be held on Wednesday, October 28 at 5PM, in outdoor area Zone B of Gate Avenue, DIFC.

Among women, breast cancer is the most common malignant disease worldwide, accounting for 24% or over 2 million new cancer cases and 15% of cancer deaths in 2018 . According to GLOBOCAN – a cancer database released by the Descriptive Epidemiology Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer, incident cases are expected to increase by more than 46% by 2040.

The good news is that many women can survive breast cancer with early detection and medical care.

Joining the program will be certified family physician and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Basmah Al Rowaily to talk about common household carcinogens or substances that can lead to cancer. Your lavender home smell might be emitting cancer-causing chemicals. Dr. Al Rowaily has a holistic approach to medicine and is determined to get to the root cause of disease, rather than just treating symptoms.

Also, Tina Choueiri Chagoury, a licensed clinical dietician, health behavior educator and, breast cancer survivor herself, who was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent radiation and chemotherapy, will be sharing her personal journey – from diagnosis to recovery – and tips on how to better cope with it as well as the importance of early detection and prevention.

The discussion will be 45-minutes, followed by 45-minutes specially designed yoga class inspired by pranic healing and the power of femininity. Gentle yoga poses that promote blood and energy circulation and internal respiration in cells as well as restorative poses that support the release of hormones responsible for reducing anxiety moving the body into parasympathetic system or rest and restore system, combined with meditation and Pranayama (breathing techniques).

Also, INSPIRE’s Al Manara studio is currently hosting community yoga classes every Friday at 2PM.

Research has shown that yoga can improve the quality of life for breast cancer patients and survivors, reducing hot flashes, joint pain, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and anxiety. Also, can be a powerful tool to boost breast health.

Those interested in signing up for the free event must register in advance.

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