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Dodgers fans rejoice after Albert Pujols proves he can still produce


Los Angeles Dodgers fans were quick to celebrate as soon as Albert Pujols proved he could still produce.

The Los Angeles Angels made a surprising decision to cut Albert Pujols loose last week, paving the way for their stars in Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani. It seemed like nobody wanted Pujols given his down year, but the Los Angeles Dodgers swooped in from out of nowhere to give the veteran a chance at contributing on the reigning World Series champs.

Pujols said he’d accept whatever role he was given in LA; all he really wanted was to contribute. In his debut hitting cleanup on Monday night against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he did exactly that.

His first at-bat was anticlimactic. Pujols made good contact, but it was an easy fly-out for the D-Backs. Meanwhile, in southern California, Ohtani was validating the Angels’ decision.

His second at-bat, however, was an RBI single to bring home Mookie Betts and give the Dodgers an early 2-0 lead. As expected, Dodgers fans on Twitter and in Dodger Stadium could not have been more excited — and rapturously confident — about Pujols’ role on this star-studded roster.

Dodgers fans approved of Albert Pujols’ debut on his new team

The excitement over Pujols’ first two at-bats was very real, especially since he got good contact on that first pop-out.

It wasn’t long before Dodgers fans were already looking ahead to the postseason and what kind of role he might play if (or rather, when) LA gets there.

Some were simply stunned that they’d lived long enough to see a 41-year-old Pujols driving in Mookie Betts on the same team.

It will be fascinating to see what kind of role Pujols plays for this team with title aspirations. It will likely be a limited role in what might be his final season, but you can be guaranteed that whenever he does … anything, really, LA fans are going to go crazy over it.

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