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Draymond Green calling out haters on Twitter is unbelievably satisfying


Draymond Green called out all those Team USA haters over Twitter, and it was incredible.

You better believe Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green kept the receipts for all those in the media who doubted Team USA over in Tokyo.

Even if they did struggle out of the gate, Team USA still managed to win its fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal this summer. The United States defeated France in the gold medal game of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This was Green’s second Olympic gold medal, as he was part of the 2016 team that took home gold in the Rio de Janeiro Games. Green got the last laugh in 2021.

He is having way too much fun ripping all those who doubted his team on Twitter on Saturday.

Draymond Green blasting those who doubted Team USA on Twitter is amazing

It did not matter if you were Kendrick Perkins, Nick Wright or Colin Cowherd, nobody was safe from the Twitter wrath of Green on this fine Saturday afternoon.

Yes, the start for this team was a little choppy, but the boys got it done for America! If you ever doubted them, Green has every right to quote tweet your dumb thought on Team USA into oblivion because he is a champion of the world yet again.

Overall, Green was a big part of this team finding its footing when so many people doubted Team USA this go-around. While there could have been a deeper team than what the United States sent to Tokyo, Green and his teammates got it done when it mattered the most. By being a two-time Olympic champion, this only adds to a strong resume that will inevitably get Green into Springfield.

If you tweeted or said something dumb about Team USA, Green will find it and and destroy you.

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