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Eagles could have a deadline for Carson Wentz trade


The Eagles have a clear deadline in place for when a Carson Wentz deal must get done. 

The Philadelphia Eagles fired head coach Doug Pederson and that did nothing to make Carson Wentz feel better about his situation.

His name is now swirling in trade talks and NFL fans are waiting to see what the Eagles could get in return for the former No. 2 overall pick. But a Wentz deal may not get done in February and there is one reason why that is the case.

Carson Wentz trade: Eagles can be patient, but not too patient

Wentz is owed a $10 million roster bonus on March 19. That is your deadline right there. The Eagles can now sit back and take in every offer to see what they can get in return. There is truly no reason to rush, but they must also avoid waiting too long and getting stuck with Wentz if teams don’t want to wait on a decision and pull their offers.

Matthew Stafford getting traded opened the floodgates and the quarterback market is running wild this offseason. Wentz may be the next on the move and all eyes remain on Deshaun Watson as well.

The return for Wentz is tricky because a team is taking on a max contract. We saw the reverse of this in the Stafford deal as the Los Angeles Rams reportedly tossed in an extra first-round pick for the Detroit Lions to take Jared Goff’s contract. The Eagles are in the position of leverage here, but a high pick may be taken out of deals because of Wentz’s money.

Having a firm deadline should help the Eagles as it could potentially force teams to panic if they don’t want to miss out on landing Wentz.

There is also a possibility of the team keeping Wentz in 2021. Where Wentz is on March 19 should be the final say on his 2021 fate.

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