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Former UFC Champion Mark Kerr Extended Interview 2020


Former UFC Champion Mark Kerr Extended Interview 2020

Former World Vale Tudo Championship tournament winner, two-time UFC heavyweight tournament winner, and a PRIDE FC competitor Mark Kerr, known variably as “The Smashing Machine” and “The Specimen,” is a very definite contradiction in terms. On one hand, as the one-time “baddest man on the planet,” Mark looked like comic icon Hellboy, come to life. And he lived that life in a self-imposed hell of his own making, which was painfully chronicled in the cautionary, eponymous documentary, “The Smashing Machine.” On the other hand, Mark is an incredibly cultured, deeply introspective and highly intelligent individual, which has made him more sensitive than most to life’s highs and lows. Visit www.Talking-Tough.com for more information on Rick Bassman Podcasts!

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