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Future Outlook: Mac Jones Can Win Multiple Super Bowls With Bill Belichick




Mac Jones only just got to New England, but the Patriots seem to have already committed to developing their young star into the next face of the franchise. The team announced Tuesday that they would be releasing 2020 QB1 Cam Newton, which leaves Jones as the new starting signal-caller. The Alabama product has shown tremendous potential in his preseason action, given that he almost never makes the same mistake twice and he received the highest PFF preseason grade (92.2) ever given to a rookie QB.

The key factor to Jones’ potential success, however, is the fact that he will be playing under arguably the greatest head coach ever in Bill Belichick. Belichick played an instrumental role in constructing a supporting cast around future HOFer Tom Brady as the two built a dynasty in New England and won six Super Bowls together. The young and talented Jones will look to return the team to its former glory and begin a new era of Patriots dominance under Belichick’s leadership.

There isn’t anything that Brady did during those dominant dynasties that Mac is physically incapable of replicating. Yet what made TB12 so successful was his intangibles: leadership, clutch factor, decision-making. It remains to be seen whether Jones can develop into a GOAT mentally like the ageless Brady did. However, Jones has shown to be fully capable of operating the low-risk offense, letting the defense win games, and never being the reason they lose – something Brady mastered en route to six Championships. 

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