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Jerry Jeudy’s Deshaun Watson comments won’t make Drew Lock happy


Multiple Denver Broncos players have basically come out and called for the team to try and trade for Deshaun Watson. 

NFL fans across the country are waiting to see what happens with Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans. The superstar quarterback has informed the organization that he wants to continue his playing career elsewhere.

With that being said, multiple teams are undoubtedly very interested in trading for him. The Denver Broncos are one such team and even have players publicly saying they’d love to see Watson in the Mile High City. This includes Jerry Jeudy, who didn’t hold back with his latest comments.

Jerry Jeudy is basically calling for the Broncos to trade for Deshaun Watson

“It would be exciting to have Deshaun Watson there,” Jeudy told ESPN radio. “You know he’s a great quarterback. He’s had a great career at Houston. We are looking forward to a decision.”

Whoa. As you can see from Jeudy’s comments, it sure sounds like the players have been notified that this could happen. The fact that Jeudy said guys are looking forward to a decision says something. At the same time, how do you think Drew Lock feels about this?

The young starter has battled injuries early on in his career but has showed some promise throwing the ball around. At the same time, he’s nowhere close to Watson’s level. With Jeudy coming out and basically saying he’s hoping a trade gets done, it really won’t help Lock’s confidence moving forward.

Broncos fans everywhere will wait to see if John Elway can pull something off and get Watson to Denver. If he does, you’d better believe Jeudy will be fired up over it. Lock? Not so much.

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