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March Madness: Best Ways to Gamble in 2023


March Madness, when the NCAA Tournament takes center stage on the American sporting scene and people are looking for the best ways to gamble in 2023. We are at that time of year once more, so it’s officially time for you to become the PickBoss. One of the most thrilling sporting events of the year is March Madness. Every year, tens of millions of people watch the NCAA Tournament, and many of them wager in some way on the college basketball games.

You don’t have to be an expert to make money when betting on March Madness. The unpredictable nature of the NCAA Tournament is the reason it is referred to as “March Madness.” The Super Bowl is the only sporting event in the country that draws more bettors than March Madness, and with so many online sportsbooks available today, there has never been a better time to join in the fun. 

March Madness wagering is simple. Most bettors on the games need to be more knowledgeable. You can place a wager on the NCAA Tournament whether you are an avid follower of college basketball or you haven’t seen a single game this season. Keep reading to find out the very best ways to gamble this 2023 on March Madness. 

What is March Madness?

If you have access to the right betting resources, learning how to wager on March Madness is simple. So, first, let’s check out what March Madness is. The NCAA Division 1 college basketball champion is decided through a single-game elimination tournament called March Madness. Only 20% of the more than 350 Division-1 teams are chosen for the NCAA Tournament. March Madness is won by the team that wins six straight games from the first round to the final.


When Does it Start?

The NCAA Tournament always starts around the same time, although the start date of March Madness varies from year to year. The First Four play-in games for March Madness 2023 begin on March 14th. On Monday, April 3rd, the college basketball national championship game brings an end to March Madness 2023. Technically, March Madness begins before the NCAA Tournament’s first round. Eight teams compete in the “First Four” games two days after Selection Sunday, when 68 teams are chosen to be in the NCAA Tournament bracket.

These matches are spread out across the days of Tuesday and Wednesday at neutral venues. The first round of March Madness is played on Thursday and Friday with the bracket reduced to 64 teams. For each day of the first round, there are 16 games scheduled. Every losing team is eliminated, and every winning team moves on to the next round. Last but not least, the settings for every March Madness game are neutral sites.


How to Gamble on March Madness?

Let’s go step by step on how to gamble on March Madness in order for you to enjoy it right:

1. Choose an online sportsbook you want to sign up with: 

Go to the sportsbook’s website to create a new account after locating the link to the one you want to use to place your March Madness wagers. Complete the registration process. An accepted form of government identity, your name, birth date, email address, and payment method are typically required by online casinos. 

Near the end of the registration procedure, there is frequently a place where players can choose to get the welcome bonus. Other times, you need to input a welcome bonus code in order to get the bonus offer and make the most of every single dollar you have.

2. Put money into your account: 

It’s now time to fund your account with the betting site so you can start betting. All the websites mentioned on this page allow credit card deposits. Most also offer ways to deposit cryptocurrency. To obtain bonus money to increase your account balance, be sure to enter the site’s promotional code.

3. Place your bet: 

It’s time to choose your March Madness wagers after you’ve completed account setup and funding. Make certain to review all of the March Madness betting odds and lines. Once you’ve decided on the wager or bets you want to place, enter your stake amount, check your potential payout, and then click the Place Bet option. After finishing the game, you can relax, enjoy yourself, and hopefully cash in on your winnings.

How Does Gambling on March Madness Work?

There are numerous options to gamble on March Madness in 2023. You can bet on specific games or on future outcomes, like whether teams will advance to the Final Four or win the national title. The most popular March Madness betting option is NCAA Tournament bracket pools.


March Madness Bracket Pool

The most popular method of placing a wager on the NCAA Tournament is to take part in a March Madness bracket pool. It’s simple to get invested in every game in this way. Four divisions, or zones, comprise the March Madness brackets. Each half of the bracket will contain 16 teams at the beginning of the first round. The Final Four will be comprised of the final two teams from each region after four rounds.

Every division of the bracket has seeds for teams ranging from 1 to 16. Each region’s top team is regarded as the No. 1 seed. It is believed that the No. 16 seed has the lowest chance of winning the region and qualifying for the Final Four. You have to select a winner for each contest in the bracket if you want to participate in a March Madness pool. The first round, second round, Sweet Sixteen (third round), and Elite Eight predictions are included (fourth round). 

After selecting your Final Four, decide which two teams will advance to the championship game and which one will take the overall tournament. Predicting the final score of the championship game, which could be utilized as a tiebreaker in most pools, is required. The points you receive typically increase as the tournament progresses for each winner you properly predict in your bracket.

Good luck!

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