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Michael Thomas took a shot at Saints reporter in cryptic deleted Tweet


Michael Thomas doesn’t appear to be on the best of terms with one of the most notable New Orleans Saints beat reporters.

Weeks ago, just before the final game of the New Orleans Saints season, the team restructured wide receiver Michael Thomas’s contract to give him a nearly million-dollar bonus for the last game of the year and to virtually guarantee that his time in New Orleans was over.

At least, that was the read on it from Nick Underhill and several other reporters in the New Orleans beat.

Recently, Underhill Tweeted a thread that dove into the topic of salary cap manipulation and how the Saints can shuffle things around to push for contention if they want to:

In reply, Michael Thomas Tweeted something and deleted it. Here’s what he said, according to screenshots people got before it was taken down.

“Don’t backpedal Nick I got the receipts , stay tuned”

What is Michael Thomas hinting at with his cryptic deleted Tweet?

It’s unclear precisely what Thomas is referring to, but one can only imagine it’s that Underhill, along with other reporters, suggested that the restructuring with he and New Orleans in January was the nail in the coffin for his time in New Orleans.

After all, Underhill’s assessment of that at the time was a myopic view of his contract, which is exactly how he’s encouraging fans to avoid looking at things.

Thomas has also recently Tweeted a series of quasi-motivational quotes and tropes on his account, as well as posted a photo of him after a big play in a Saints jersey on his Instagram story. Clearly, the former Pro Bowler wants to get back to form. The only question is what jersey he’ll do that in next season.

Notably, Thomas also liked two Tweets in support of Sean Payton and Zach Strief, who Payton brought over from New Orleans to Denver to join his coaching staff. Do with that info what you will.

Cameron Jordan also replied to a Tweet agreeing with a fan said he wanted to see Jordan, Thomas, and Alvin Kamara, Demario Davis and Marshon Lattimore win a Super Bowl together.

Want to and can might be two very different ideas for New Orleans this season, though.

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