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Minor league players reach CBA doubling salaries: Baseball World celebrates


Minor league baseball players reached a massive agreement with MLB and the MLBPA on a CBA that will double players salaries, a landmark agreement.

For years, minor league baseball players have been compensated wholly inadequately, especially in comparison to their major league peers. The first major step toward changing that — as had been called for in recent years, particularly throughout 2022 — took place on Wednesday night.

Minor league players reached a deal with the MLBPA and MLB on a historic CBA that will take major steps toward livable wages for players, doubling their previous salaries.

Jeff Passan of ESPN was first to report the big news, also noting that the deal will last five years.

JJ Cooper of Baseball America also noted that the CBA will also improve housing accommodations for players and families, which was a big point for the players in negotiations.

Baseball world celebrates minor league pay increase under new CBA

The baseball world had a little bit of a party to celebrate the historic agreement for minor league players.

So how much more will players be getting paid? Though this also highlights how there is still work to do to improve the compensation for these athletes, it also shows how much anything more needed to happen.

There is some downside as the Domestic Reserve List for organizations will decrease in size.

We will surely hear about more details — some of which might not be overall favorable for players — but a step in the right direction is better than not moving at all. These are professional athletes that deserve to be compensated as such, not a factory for players to survive financially and hopefully get out.

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