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Nick Saban is going viral for this hilarious story about wife’s ex (Video)


Alabama football coach Nick Saban is going viral after a clip about his recollection of trying to date his future wife made the rounds on Twitter.

Nick Saban never forgets.

The Alabama football coach is going viral after a story he shared during a speaking engagement during an event with the American Football Coaches Association.

The story reveals a little more about Saban’s personality and just how much he hates to lose. Fans who have followed his career at Michigan State, LSU, Alabama and especially with the Miami Dolphins know all too well that he hates to lose.

Nick Saban is going viral for this hilarious story of dating his wife

So this story about Saban recollecting how he wanted to date the woman who would end up being his wife several years later back in middle school is classic Saban.

Saban starts out by saying he wanted to date Terry when they were in middle school but she was dating some guy named Mickey Schaefer. She went to a bigger school and he was working at a full-service gas station but nevertheless, he didn’t give up his pursuit of trying to date the apple of his eye.

The story turns to football when Saban says his small AA school always beat the AAA school she attended and she slowly started to get her attention.

Fast forward several years later and Saban and his wife who is affectionately known in college football circles as Miss. Terry drove past a gas station owned by Schaffer, which sets up the punch line in Saban’s story. But it’s Miss. Terry coming out as the big winner with the best line to make the story come full circle.

Saban says if Terry stayed with her high school boyfriend that’s where she would have ended up. Mrs. Terry says, not so fast, and says if she married him, he’d be the head coach at Alabama.

Mic drop!

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