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Packers GM officially comments on Aaron Rodgers future


Packers GM Brian Gutekunst finally addressed Aaron Rodgers’ contract situation days before the 2021 NFL Draft.

Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst decided to use a first-round pick on quarterback Jordan Love last year. Now, ahead of this year’s NFL Draft, he is talking about potentially giving Aaron Rodgers an extension.

Gutekunst spoke with the media at the start of the week and reiterated that Rodgers is the guy in 2021. He also finally commented on the possibility of either restructuring the MVP’s deal or even offering an extension.

Packers still deciding on what to do with Aaron Rodgers

“That’s kind of something we’re working through,” Gutekunst said in an article written by ESPN’s Rob Demovsky. “You know, it’s something that we’ve talked about quite a bit as we’ve worked through this salary-cap situation, which is really kind of a two-year situation. We’ve looked at a lot of different things and that’s one of them.”

Rodgers is currently under contract through the 2023 season. Talk about cutting him does not seriously begin until 2022 when the team could save around $25 million by letting him go.

Restructuring the deal is something that is in the best interest of the team. Getting an extension is what Rodgers is likely pushing for given the uncertainty of how long the team wants him as the starter. That may come down to Love’s development more than how Rodgers performs in 2021.

Gutekunst gave a very basic answer, which is more than fans got from him all offseason. The team is obviously aware of the benefits of moving some of Rodgers’ money around and the GM said that is something that will “probably” be addressed. That is the most anyone is going to get out of Gutekunst this year.

The Packers are a total wild card at this point. The team drafting Love last year proved that they are not totally set on keeping Rodgers around for too long, even after an MVP year. What they do next remains a mystery.

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