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Randy Reid is back at Chiefs camp, and the video is comedy gold


Randy Reid is back at Kansas City Chiefs camp, and everybody loves Andy Reid’s brother.

Let’s be real. The Kansas City Chiefs do not win Super Bowl 54 without the help of head coach Andy Reid‘s brother, Randy Reid.

Did he take credit for it? Of course, he did. But you know what? California’s greatest jet ski and drone salesman was back at Chiefs camp, and everybody besides general manager Brett Veach could not be happier. When you invest half of your business in drones, you know you are going to have a bright future, just like having Patrick Mahomes quarterbacking your brother’s NFL team.

After a year removed from Chiefs camp, Randy Reid was absolutely magnificent on camera.

Randy Reid makes his triumphant return to Kansas City Chiefs camp

There is no love thicker than blood, expect for the one exists between an awkward teenage boy and his drone. Not even Kenny F*****g Powers’ love for his jet ski. Back before Coach Reid was winning Super Bowls and growing majestic walrus mustaches, he was knocking down double-doubles at In-N-Out and dominating youths in Punt, Pass, Kick. Randy was there the whole time.

So if you doubt Randy Reid’s ability to help the Chiefs win a Super Bowl, just ask him and he will tell you that he was there the last time it happened. Half of life is about showing up. As for the other half, it is mostly about four things: Cheeseburgers, Chiefs football, jet skis and now drones, because drones are the future. Next time you see a drone at Arrowhead Stadium, it’s only Randy.

Betting on anybody else to win the Super Bowl besides the Chiefs is just throwing money away.

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