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Ranking the Prime Destinations for 6x All-Star PF Blake Griffin



On Monday, the Detroit Pistons announced they will be sitting Blake Griffin for the foreseeable future until they figure out a trade for the former 6x All-Star. The Cleveland Cavaliers are also doing the same thing with Andre Drummond. While Griffin surely isn’t the same All-Star caliber player he used to be, the former No.1 overall pick has evolved his game and become a threat from deep as he’s making 2.0 3PM per game this season.

Considering the lack of prominent players on expiring deals and household names looking for new teams, Griffin might be the most well-known player moved before the upcoming trade deadline. It won’t be easy for Detroit to find a team willing to take on his $37M 2021 salary AND his $39M 2022 player option. 

They’ll likely have to ADD assets to the deal instead of receiving them, which isn’t what a rebuilding team wants to do. A buyout is certainly an option, helping DET save money, and providing Griffin with a chance to play for a contender. 

After spending most of his career with the Los Angeles Clippers, Griffin has yet to play in a Conference Finals and has publicly shared his interest in contending for a Championship. There are a lot of factors to consider, but with that being said, here are the prime destinations for Griffin whether it be through a trade or after being bought out and on the free-agent market:


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