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The Future of the NFL: Predicting the Trends and Changes for the Upcoming Season


As the future NFL season quickly approaches and teams narrow down their rosters with free agency around the corner, we can’t help but get excited to see what this new year has in store. With league rules constantly changing, new players emerging each season, and a fight for playoff spots often going down to the wire, anything could happen! As a result, it’s only befitting that we look at some of the potential trends this season may bring us – from young quarterbacks leading the charge to defensive coordinators looking for creative solutions. 

So let’s dive in to explore what lies ahead as we predict what changes are on the horizon.


Examining Potential Changes to League Rules

One potential change that the future NFL games could see in the upcoming season is a new rule to ensure player safety. With the increasing number of concussion-related injuries, it is essential for the league to find ways to reduce the risk of long-term brain damage for its players. The recently proposed defensive ‘targeting’ rule aims to do just this, and if passed, would result in game suspensions for players who go out of their way to tackle another player’s head or neck area.

Another rule you might see is the potential elimination of kickoffs from the game, a move discussed as recently as last year. This change is an effort geared toward reducing the risk of injuries witnessed in several matches, often resulting from violent collisions between players. In addition, the NFL may implement the league’s replay review system this season, which aims to shorten the time limits for reviews. More discussions are underway among decision-makers to determine whether they will also require additional angles or technology during matchday.


Future NFL Players to Watch Out For

No NFL season is complete without a few standout rookies who capture fans’ attention. This upcoming year, NFL fans will be privileged to watch two potential stars in QB Bryce Young from Alabama and DL Jalen Carter from Georgia. Young is an agile quarterback with electric speed and a knack for making clutch plays in big moments – traits that should make him a top-tier signal-caller very soon.

On the defensive side, Carter brings immense power to his position – showcasing his explosiveness at every turn and earning himself comparisons to some of the most outstanding defensive linemen in recent memory. Another rookie to keep an eye out for this season is EDGE Will Anderson from Alabama. Anderson has drawn plenty of praise for his speed and accuracy, making him a dangerous weapon on the defensive line.

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