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Top 5 NFL No.1 Draft Picks of All-Time


NFL’s No.1 Draft Picks have more than a badge of honor. It is the promise you have to keep to the team that puts so much trust in you. The first NFL draft picks have always made instant history. You are already chosen to be the star of the upcoming seasons. Many of the players did live up to such high expectations. Let’s see the top five No.1 NFL Draft Picks of all time and what schools produced these all-time talents. 


1. Peyton Manning, 1998

Peyton Manning is a living legend. 1998 was the luckiest year for the Indianapolis Colts as they got to draw Manning first. After that, he started breaking NFL records straight from the University of Tennessee (UT). He played in four Super Bowls for two different teams, with a win for each team, the Colts, and the Broncos. Upon his retirement, he held the record in all three main NFL categories: total wins, touchdown passes, and passing yards.


2. John Elway, 1983

John Elway excelled both as a football and baseball player while attending Stanford University. However, his career drove him to the NFL, where he was picked first by the Colts. Surprisingly, Elway refused to play for the team which drafted him. So, Elway ended up with the Denver Broncos. He played in five Super Bowls for this team, winning two for them, and quit early. You can even get a whole research paper on the athlete if you want to learn more. Just don’t forget to read my assignment help reviews before the order.


3. Bruce Smith, 1985

The Buffalo Bills hit their lucky shot the year they drafted Bruce Smith. The sack king graduated from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and was immediately picked to the NFL. During his career, Smith went through 11 Pro Bowl selections, appeared in four Super Bowls, mainly while playing for the Buffalo Bills, and received eight All-Pro honors. Smith still holds the record for the most career sacks in NFL history. His tackle skills and training dedication earned him a legendary reputation. 


4. Terry Bradshaw, 1970

During his college years at Louisiana Tech University, Bradshaw was already considered the best college football player in the nation. So, it was no surprise when Bradshaw got taken with the first pick. The Pittsburgh Steelers made an amazing investment having their first draw in 1970. Three years later, the team played its first AFC title game ever. However, the entire decade was good for the Steelers and Bradshaw in particular. Overall, the quarterback made four Super Bowl appearances, winning all four, which is quite a feat on its own. His shots and passing performance were nothing like ever seen before, earning him spots in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame after his retirement. 


5. Chuck Bednarik, 1949 

Chuck Bednarik was drafted late when he was 25 years old. However, it wasn’t for his lack of training or anything else. Bednarik joined the military right after school. Upon his return from the war, he enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. While in school, Bednarik already made it to the College Football Hall of Fame, and that was only the beginning of his football career. In 1949, he was the first draft pick by the Eagles, which also made him one of the oldest recruits in NFL history. He proceeded to build an astonishing career, often taking two positions – the center and linebacker. He is also known as the toughest tackler in history. 

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