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Which NFL Team Can Win the 2023 Super Bowl?


As the NFL regular season nears its end, we get a clearer picture of which teams are 2023 Super Bowl contenders. So, with no team looking like a sure bet, who should you put your money on?

After enduring injuries and watching a few top teams experience some struggles midway through the season, we saw the pool of potential winners grow more significant, only to dwindle back down to four main options. Nonetheless, we’ll present the current odds to you below and talk about some of the squads that we think could be wise investments – including a few longshot contenders.

Odds for NFL Teams

It is clear a handful of teams stand out among the rest as favored to win the championship. The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs are currently tied for the top spot at +500, with the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys coming in close behind at +700 each. Despite being further down the list, the San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers still have decent odds of success at +1200.

In contrast, the Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins have an outside chance with +2000 each. Finally, those looking for massive payouts from 2023 Super Bowl odds should consider betting on the New York Jets or Giants since they both have tremendous longshot odds at +10,000 and +15,000, respectively.

Teams Favored to Win


Buffalo Bills

While the Bills (+350) have rightfully regained the top seed in the AFC, their campaign for success is hampered by significant absences along the defensive line. With both Von Miller and Micah Hyde out of the picture, depth has been tested more than usual, but it remains to be seen whether these modifications negatively affect the team’s prospects. Though their regular season merit has earned them well-deserved favoritism for a postseason run, it should not be taken for granted as Buffalo has yet to prove its championship-winning qualities.

Kansas City Chiefs

Betting on the Kansas City Chiefs to win is a sensible decision. Under head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes, they have remained one of the top teams in the National Football League. The Chiefs have been able to stay at the same level of success even without Tyreek Hill and are tied with the Bills in their records this season, despite losing their head-to-head match. In addition, investing in the Chiefs gives you a slight advantage since their odds are slightly better than other potential contenders. Therefore, betting on the Chiefs is wise if you’re looking for reasonable chances of success.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles (+500) were an early favorite, given their undefeated streak, and the NFC does seem to lack contenders compared to the AFC. Nevertheless, metrics from analytics sites have marked them as one of the luckiest teams in the NFL due to a substantial turnover margin and opponents’ unfortunate drops and interceptions. Although given an opportunity at favorable odds, it is hard to turn down. We would still instead choose the Chiefs over Philadelphia. However, as impressive as their stats may look, one should not overlook the potential volatility of an unsustainable performance.

Cowboys & 49ers

Though the Philadelphia Eagles (+400) remain favored to win the NFC Championship, the Dallas Cowboys (+700) or San Francisco 49ers (+1200) are still contenders for this season’s title. The odds for the 49ers decreased dramatically on Sunday when their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot – but despite this setback, there is reason to believe that San Francisco remains a favorite pick for a wager at these long odds.

The team’s elite defensive play, strong running game, and swift offensive weapons have enabled it to stay in contention despite its struggles at quarterback in 2019. A veteran pickup to battle young Brock Purdy would be all they need to lead them deep into playoffs and potentially bring home a 2023 Super Bowl victory. Thus, now could be seen as an opportune time to invest in a future successful bet on the 49ers.

Vikings & Dolphins

Winning football requires skill and luck, and the Minnesota Vikings are currently experiencing good fortune, as they sit second in the NFC conference with a 10-2 record. Although their success may be surprising, the Vikings could be on an impressive streak, bolstered by their offensive star power like Justin Jefferson and Dalvin Cook. Wagers of small size are certainly justifiable with these odds.

Similarly, the Miami Dolphins have garnered a healthy figure of +2000 betting-wise with their dangerous offense, highlighted by Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. Further improvement to their offensive line and defense will undoubtedly be necessary for them to become serious contenders this season. Yet, it is not unfeasible that an explosive offense can take them far in this postseason. Again, a tiny bet could reap out huge rewards considering these odds.

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